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Velvet's daughter our "Everybody's Darling” and in nearly 4 decades experience with English gundogs probably the most “willing to please dog” up to now. Clearly recognisable – more than with her mother - that at the breeding of the English "working breed lines" is attached great importance on it. ( I.a. "willingness to please" like "ease of being trained" ....are not only breeding aims on the agenda of the "Working Clumber Spaniel Society" but are also implemented of the breeders.
And of course the advantages of rearing in the family, the very close bond and the playfully learning right from the beginning make its presence felt.

Sparkle - like nearly all her sibs – already retrieved joyfully at the age of 7 weeks (also to hand) and meanwhile she has grown to a “water work ace”. No dummy gets lost with her – here too, exactly like with the passion for balls she is quite similar to mum Velvet. Little Sparkle wants to please and she also accomplishes doesn't matter whether with 2- or 4-legged…..she's just a little, funny and simply irresistible Clumber girl whose nature make us smile every day.
And she wouldn't be a Clumber Spaniel if she doesn't know it very well

    lemon/white   X-ray Hips (FCI-Scheme)
    21 kg   X-ray Hips  (BVA-Scheme)
    42 cm   X-ray Elbows
    complete scissor bite   PDP1 (hereditarily clear )
  Eye examinations:
Planned, if all examinations
and breed suitability test
receive positive results.



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