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My first visit to England in the eighties, a study stay led me already in the Dukeries…… to the University of Nottingham. A lot of new impressions, great people and a wonderful landscape with many sights.
Of course we visited the Sherwood Forest and the historical manors including Clumber Park. Yet at that time without having established any connection to the Clumber Spaniels, .....even less having an idea that these wonderful dogs
will get part of our family any time – in spite English gundogs were constant companions at this time already.

The engagement with the origin of the Clumber Spaniels in the Dukeries (more in "breed history"), was not only interesting and helpful to understand this breed better, but awake many beautiful memories, too…… ergo the Dukeries are not only a part of Velvet’s history….. but also of mine.

Here you can read more about the Dukeries:


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Kennelname Dukeries' Clumber Spaniel