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Leya doesn't necessarily look it, but she's certainly the most active and - what may be an unusual but nonetheless absolutely fitting adjective for a clumber - the "lightest-footed" of the Dukeries'-girls. She is learning very fast and eager. If something does not work out right away, then it is mostly due to her over-zealousness, with what she stands herself in her own way sometimes, however, which became more and more rare over time and Leya thus always acts sovereign.

Unlike Sparkle, she is not the "Oops-Here I am-Clumber" ..... Leya first looks at everything calmly.
If she decides for something or somebody, then completely and utterly :-)

Besides her strength - "the search" - Leya loves dummy work, ... also in the water and she is probably the most zealous in collecting (for her) valuable objects (beside balls and socks, gloves are very popular). But with a "sit!" and "give!" one can easily move her on to the proud surrender of her treasures.

    lemon/white   X-ray Hips (FCI-Scheme)
    24 kg   X-ray Hips  (BVA-Scheme)
    46 cm   X-ray Elbows
    complete scissor bite   PDP1 (hereditarily clear )
  Eye examinations:
Planned, if all examinations
and breed suitability test
receive positive results.



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